Cultivated Dreams & Designs was started due to my need of a creative outlet, away from electronic devices and the same daily routine. Growing up, illustrating was the love of my life... I'd draw for hours each day. My hope was that I would always have a creative outlet. Into my adult years, I realized that it would also need to provide more than that. I started dabbling into other creative areas, hoping to find something that would also allow me to provide more for my family, while giving me some control over life itself, and the ability to reconnect with myself. This is how Cultivated Dreams was born.

My goal with my little shop is to give people what you just can't find in stores - wearable, real, raw art. I've been able to combine my own illustrative style with my jewelry designs.

I have been creating jewelry for nearly a decade now, and I love being able to do what I enjoy - all while making someone else happy in the process. I don't consider myself a "professional" in the jewelry making sense - only because I feel as though a true artist is one that creates with their heart and their soul. I don't think it is always necessarily based on what your skill levels are... And artists should only build each other up, not constantly compete. In a world where there is nothing but constant competition for your survival, and so much negativity, this is where we should be able to come together and remember what being human is about. I do everything myself, including the rough sketches of thousands of designs, creating the jewelry, photographing, creating the listings, packaging & shipping orders, and even now, cutting my own stones in my home studio.

Creating wearable art isn't my only job - I started working at the local humane society as an Adoption Counselor in early 2016 and was promoted to Marketing Coordinator in late 2018. It is literally my life! When I'm not at work or creating jewelry, I'm spending time with my three kiddos and supportive husband.

Featured in the March 2015 issue of BeadStyle Magazine, and the Fall 2015 & Spring 2016 issue of The Bohemian Collective Magazine.